Wharfedale Otters

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  1. Pete Smith says:

    Spotted today on 10th April2016 at 5pm a large otter fishing in my favourite trout pool at Netherby on the Wharfe. About 2miles downstream of Harewood Bridge. What a wonderful experience watching it catch fish at every dive and sharing a good ten minutes with me. Wish I’d taken my camera.

    • timh says:

      That’s great. I’ll pass your sighting on to our mammal recorder. Many thanks for the comment, it sounds like a magical moment. I hope it left some fish for you!

  2. Pete Smith says:

    Thanks Tim,
    I fish this spot regularly as near our caravan at Kearby but first time I’ve seen an otter there off the small island. Will take the camera in future as hopefully spot again.

  3. charlie clarke says:

    have seen otter at linton falls threshfield ,on 13 june 2016

  4. timh says:

    Brilliant – thanks for the comment. I’ve yet to see one but we’ve found crayfish remains and otter spraint at the Gravel Pits in Ben Rhydding. I’ll add it to our latest sightings.

  5. Sarah says:

    Hello. We saw three otters from the bridge at Linton Falls at 9pm on 25th June. Very exciting and unexpected.

    • timh says:

      Wow – sounds like a good spot. 3 all at the same time. Many thanks – I’ll add it to the sightings.

  6. Simon says:

    Hello, I spotted a single otter yesterday, disappearing into a drainage channel just downstream of Netherby, opposite Carthick Wood. Couldn’t quite believe that it was an otter until I read posts from your other correspondents. How wonderful!

    • timh says:

      That’s great – I’ll check if that falls within our area and add it to our list of sightings if so. Many thanks for letting us know.

  7. Paul Ableson says:

    Saw two otters in the river wharfe about 200 yards down stream of the metal bridge which crosses the river from the ings about 3 Pm on the 8th November. Lived in the area nearly 30 years and was very surprised

    • timh says:

      Great, I’ll add that to our list of sightings. Is that the metal bridge opposite Middleton Woods in Ilkley?

      Many thanks!

  8. Nick Bean says:

    Saw four otters playing and having fun near Ilkley tennis club 8.30 am on Jan 12th 2017

    • timh says:

      It seems to be a popular spot. I saw one at dusk – opposite the tennis club on the bend in the river. Four is pretty amazing though!

  9. Jackie Thompson says:

    Ok – it isn’t Wharfedale but it’s close. Saw an Otter or possibly mink in Silsden Town Beck next to Aldi. Which is it most likely to be?

  10. Ray Smith says:

    My husband saw an otter being followed by 2 cats as it ran up the hill on our estate in Otley.
    This was at 04-30 this morning.
    We are on the edge of the countryside and a mile from the river. Unfortunately no photos.
    He said what a nice experience.

  11. Pam Meakin says:

    Saw a single otter today at 10.30am about 300 yards downstream from Barden bridge.Seemed totally unconcerned as i watched it for a few minutes casually diving and resurfacing.Could not believe my eyes,made my day.

    • timh says:

      We’ve had quite a few otter reports the last few years. I’ll have to compile a list of them all from up and down the Wharfe. Many thanks, and glad it made your day!

  12. Nik says:

    Saw a single otter a few hundred yards downstream of Barden Bridge. That, the Red Kite and the incredibly confident Coal Tits made my day. 12th Jan 2018

  13. John Rogers says:

    Two otters seen playing in and around the weir at Addingham today (25 Feb 2018)

  14. Shaun Pickard says:

    April 17th. 2018. 7pm – 8.10 pm.

    Watched a single otter for over an hour, 200 yards downstream from Barden Bridge

  15. Rich Wallwork says:

    Three otters 200 yards upstream from Netherby Deep (roughly same spot mentioned in first comments) seen from the path in the wheat field above the riverbank on the North side.

  16. Matt says:

    Single Otter spotted at Boston Spa today,

  17. Rich says:

    90% sure I saw an otter in the water whilst sailing at Otley Sailing Club yesterday evening. Couldn’t really have been anything else, except maybe a giant mink. Unfortunately we were sailing away from it and it disappeared before we could tack back to have a closer look. I had no idea they were in the area until I found this website. Great work for setting it up.

  18. Antony says:

    I believe I saw an Otter crossing the road as I drove towards Poole from Harewood last night. Just before I got into the village disappearing into a hedge.

  19. Matt says:

    I saw an otter 3 weeks ago crossing the road just after the bridge over the wharfe near the old saw mills, it was lucky not to get run over by the car in front and quickly shot back through the slot in the bridge wall, impressive large fully grown animal, silhouetted perfectly in the headlights of a car coming in the opposite direction.

  20. Gillian Dale says:

    We saw an otter today in the River Wharfe at the bottom edge of the weir in Otley about 4pm. Wow our first sighting. Too long to be a mink I think. Tried to get a photo but it dived off.

  21. EA says:

    We saw an otter at the downstream side of Brook Street bridge over the Wharfe, Ilkley, this morning. It was a good clear sighting for several minutes. Lovely to see.

  22. Diana Briggs says:

    Saw another dead otter by the side of the road at Harewood Bridge – opposite the sawmills.on Boxing Day. I wonder why they go over the bridge rather than under – the weir perhaps

  23. Craig Williams says:

    I saw an otter climb down Linton falls last week! Magical!

  24. Martyn Brunger says:

    Whilst walking along river Wharf, Ilkley (north side by suspension foot bridge), I spotted some commotion in the river – it was an otter, on the surface, holding a very large fish in its mouth and fighting to keep a hold on what I thought was a large chub.
    It grappled with the fish but kept a tight grip and managed to get it out of the water, on to a large rock, on the north side of river. It then disappeared (with fish, behind the rock and into what must have been its holt. This sighting was at 10.45am on 12th December’22

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