Share your wildlife sightings online

Wildlife records are incredibly important to us so we encourage you to join our online recording group: Wharfedale Naturalists Society Recorders by clicking HERE. If you are not already registered with iRecord it will ask you to do so before you can join the group.

Once registered you can submit records directly to our recording group. Entering records this way ensures that Wharfedale Naturalists can see your records*. It will also allow you to see other Wharfedale Naturalists records, photographs and even a league table if you like a little friendly competition!

To make sure your records are being entered in to the Wharfedale Naturalists group:

if a ‘Record destination box’ is shown on the wildlife recording form please choose Local Groups: Wharfedale Recording Society. If the box is not shown, don’t worry as that means you are entering records directly in to the WNS recording pages.

*iRecord also allows you to flag records as confidential if they are particularly sensitive or you just don’t want to share the location online.

A comprehensive guide to iRecord can be found HERE. A video explaining the importance of wildlife recording can be found on our YouTube channel here: as well as a recording of past Recorders’ Meetings so you can see how your data is put to good use.

The area we record in is in the back of the annual review and has been plotted on the map below.


If you prefer not to use iRecord and would like to contact us directly with your wildlife sighting please fill in the following form:

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