Park Rash, Kettlewell

Park Rash
Park Rash, Kettlewell

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  1. Tom Dunbar says:

    I am amember of Yorkshire, Lancs, and a commttee member of Cumbria branches of Buttefly Conservation. I am very interested to follow up your Scotch Argus record for Park Gill Beck. I took advantage of the brilliand weather today (28.10.2019) and did a recce to attempt to id the habitat . I parked at the roadside building at Park Rash and picked up the footpath towards East Scale Lodge. Is the SA location close to where Caseker Gill Beck flows into Park Gill Beck before the path climbs towards East Scale Lodge? I do a lot of work on the Scotch Argus sites in Cumbria.
    Cheers, any help appreciated.

    • timh says:

      I don’t know if you sorted this in the end. We didn’t get chance to have a look this year, but if you are thinking of going up again this year drop me a line That is the only site I’ve seen them, but I think they are in Bastow Wood too (I may be wrong on that).

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