Mystery over low butterfly counts

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2 Responses

  1. Kate Smith says:

    I read this observation and was very suprised. I live in Littondale and in March saw masses of peacock butterfies feeding on the blackthorn blossom- about 800 feet, just before that- possibly February I had seen brimstones at about 750 feet.
    Later this summer lots of limestone blue or small blue, Northern Brown Argus and again masses of peacocks on the wild marjoram. We have a bit of wildflower meadow which hosted commas and red admirals and painted lady. There were others but I wasn’t quick enough or knowledgeable enough to recognise them.
    Red admirals saw out the summer in the garden and on our walls basking in what was a late warm period.
    So all these specimens may choose warmer lower altitude climes next year and your count will be up!

    • timh says:

      Hi Kate, thanks for the comment. It sounds like the butterflies fared better near you. It is interesting that you saw so many at higher altitudes. We’ll have to wait and see what our butterfly recorders report. They usually present their findings at the recorders evening in March.

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