Moths can be seen flying throughout the year. Many moths day-fly and in flight look similar to butterflies.

Look out for them in a range of habitats: woods, moorlands, grassy pastures and near ponds or streams. Moths are found in gardens and are often attracted to lighted windows.

The following is a selection of moths which are found in Wharfedale:

All photographs (except Hummingbird Hawk-moth) – Mike Clerk

All Society Moth Records are forwarded to the Mid-West Yorkshire (VC64) Co-ordinator for inclusion in the National Moth Recording Scheme (NMRS) organised by Butterfly Conservation. All moths recorded can be viewed on the species distribution maps on the Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union (YNU) website at All the WNS moth manual records (23,127 sightings for 1945 to 2004 inclusive) have been digitised and sent by April 2016 to the VC64
Co-ordinator for inclusion in NMRS.