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Waxwing sighting 1

Waxwing sighting

There has been a report on the Bradford birding website of 14 waxwings in Ilkley Town Centre car park on Tuesday 15th November. Please let us know if you spotted them too. The first...

Large white caterpillars 0

Large white caterpillars

Whilst not in Wharfedale, John Gavaghan came across a strange site on Saturday: lots of Large White caterpillars scaling the white walls around Golden Acre Park’s café plus two that had already pupated!  My...

August sightings 0

August sightings

August was a month of few sightings reported through the website, but it is typically when people take holidays. Thank you to Denis O’Connor and Hazel Goulden for their reports of a Great egret...

Latest sightings 0

Latest sightings

Thank you to all those who have been sending in their sightings. We have had quite a lot of Cuckoo reports and, further to John Waite’s Redstart sighting at Scargill Reservoir, another was spotted...

Redstart 0


After a tip off that an Osprey was seen at Scargill Reservoir last week, John Waite took a trip up there today. Unfortunately he didn’t find what he’d hoped for but did get a...

Green hairstreaks 0

Green hairstreaks

Conditions were great today for butterflies and there were a few sightings of green hairstreaks on the moors. They have appeared slightly later this year in some of their usual spots. The featured image...

Common cuckoo 6

The cuckoos are back

We had a request through recently asking about possible sites, in Wharfedale, where one could maximise their chances of seeing or hearing a cuckoo. The last time I had a cuckoo encounter was several...

Bumblebee 0


A bit of sun has brought out the insects in our garden including this bumblebee.  I was surprised to find out there are 24 different species of bumblebee in this country and 275 worldwide....

A frog outside the Wheatley, Ben Rhydding 0

Wildlife in unlikely places

This frog was spotted on the pavement outside the Wheatley pub in Ben Rhydding  looking slightly out of place. Maybe it had popped in on the way home?

Tortoiseshell 13th March 2016 0

The first of the Spring butterflies?

It has felt a bit more Spring like the last few days and the weather looks promising for the coming week. The featured image is a picture of a fresh looking Tortoiseshell spotted today...