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Spring Arrivals

Nature Notes by Denis O’Connor For me the defining moments of spring are the emergence of the first butterflies, the arrival of migrant birds and the appearance of frogs in our ponds. The first...



Nature Notes by Aidan Smith Over the years I have acquired lots of knowledge about birds and insects, but  when it comes to identifying flora my abilities to recognise even some of the  commonest...



Nature Notes by Denis O’Connor As winter storms battered the country in the third week of February, signs of spring emerged from the bramble patch growing up against our house wall. Three of the...


Limestone Pavements

Nature Notes by Ian Brand An extended version can be found HERE. The Yorkshire Dales are known for their limestone scenery, especially limestone pavements. It is easy to think that the rock surface of...


Ticks and Lyme Disease

An extended version of this article can be downloaded HERE. Last week I spent a morning rummaging around our wardrobe in the spare bedroom. It is where we keep all our outdoor gear. I...