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Limestone Pavements

Nature Notes by Ian Brand An extended version can be found HERE. The Yorkshire Dales are known for their limestone scenery, especially limestone pavements. It is easy to think that the rock surface of...


Ticks and Lyme Disease

An extended version of this article can be downloaded HERE. Last week I spent a morning rummaging around our wardrobe in the spare bedroom. It is where we keep all our outdoor gear. I...


Message in a bottle

It happens every time. Whenever I’m stuck for a Nature Notes topic, a fellow naturalist – friend, family, WNS member – contacts me with an observation and a “perhaps you can use this.” It...


Happy New Year!

Is it too late to wish you a very “Happy New Year?” I hope not, since it is the subject of this month’s Nature Notes. Why choose a date seven days after Christmas to...


Entangled Lives

A splatter of blood and bird poo on the glass, a heap of dusky feathers on the front lawn: all there was to show that a sparrow-hawk had chased a pigeon to its death...