The vicious side of magpies

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4 Responses

  1. Andrew Green says:

    Just watched a squirrel chasing a magpie round our garden. This went on for at least five minutes.

    • Jim says:

      Sure it wasn’t the magpie chasing the squirrel. Watched one grab a squirrel and throw it off of a tree by it’s tail.

  2. Teri Davenport says:

    I saw 3 magpies kill a small bird and violently attack a squirrel. Unfortunately I couldn’t save the bird but the squirrel got away. They are attacking cats outside. I throw line cones at them til they leave. I know I’m going to be next now

  3. J Nye says:

    Our neighbour said magpies attacked and tore her garden parasol to shreds? Would they do this and why?

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