The vicious side of magpies

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8 Responses

  1. Andrew Green says:

    Just watched a squirrel chasing a magpie round our garden. This went on for at least five minutes.

    • Jim says:

      Sure it wasn’t the magpie chasing the squirrel. Watched one grab a squirrel and throw it off of a tree by it’s tail.

  2. Teri Davenport says:

    I saw 3 magpies kill a small bird and violently attack a squirrel. Unfortunately I couldn’t save the bird but the squirrel got away. They are attacking cats outside. I throw line cones at them til they leave. I know I’m going to be next now

  3. J Nye says:

    Our neighbour said magpies attacked and tore her garden parasol to shreds? Would they do this and why?

  4. Elaine says:

    I came across this when googling magpie attacks. I have been getting a sparrow hawk in my garden. I saw it today, it had hold of a sparrow. I was just about to take a photo when a magpie dived down, straight at the sparrow hawk. The sparrow hawk flew off, still clutching his prey.

  5. Dawn says:

    I’ve got 2 magpies in my garden who have lived there for the past 6 years and each year they build up their nest which is getting bigger and bigger. And each year they have babies which they bring up and they then disappear. Yesterday about 14 other magpies started attacking their nest trying to get to the babies. It took a full hour of me standing in the garden banging the shovel on metal to scare the intruders off. It finally worked and the gang flew away and babies are safe again. Vicious birds. My poor magpies put up a great fight. So for anyone trying to protect nests It is possible to stop the slaughter. Just glad we have good neighbours who didn’t complain of all the noise I was making.

  6. colin says:

    just seen two magpiesattack another magpie and killing it

  7. I’ve just seen 2 magpies attacking another and it’s hurt it was in my back garden I went out and the 2 that attacked flew off but the other one ran behind my bar I’ve since seen it on the floor at the side of the fence but it’s not there now

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