Salmon leaping the weir in Otley

Leaping salmon - Otley weir

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  1. john farnaby says:

    the video in question was posted on the Sunday. The gentleman and woman featured were probably prompted by me as they were out running and after speaking to me went to get filming gear.I was there from 8:45 – 11:30 and the morning started VERY misty with little visibility. First fish attempted to jump at about 9:20 and continued at perhaps one attempt every five minutes up to the point of me leaving, once they had some sun on their backs. Smaller fish occasionally tried close in to the footpath but vast majority tried where the weir is slightly flatter and blacker water about 2/3 of the way across.

  2. timh says:

    Its a cracking video – I’m glad they had no objections to me sharing it. I guessed it was Sunday as it was quite sunny. Thanks for the comment – very interesting.

  3. cocopops says:

    salmon have always been present in the wharfe even when the tidal ouse wasnt at its Best,but now the river ire salmon trust are activly stocking the river ure,well some of them fish have found their way to the wharfe,i know some of last years stock was took to the wharfe in order to give the river a boost,but over the past ten years we have seen fish appear in better numbers on the ouse/ure.laver/cover/river burn//skell.swale.codbeck/bedale beck/river wiske/the river nidd/aire and tribs/derwent/rye/ricall.costa beck.river seven etc and of course the river Don and its tribs,fish have been seen in sheffield and as far as derbyshire via the Don,so we have spawning salmon now near the yorskshire cleveland (teesside) boundry,as well as just over the brow of the cleveland hills in the river rye,so they is about 4 tribs tha come from diff sources but all enter the ouse which nearly run into teesside,then of course all the rivers in the dales areas ie wharfedale,so im sure if yer observent enough at the right time of day and year with right weather conditions find a weir up country around grassington or kilnsley area and you will see fish,they tyne is reputed the best river in england and wales let me tell all ; the river ouse and ure aint that far behind for spring fish and sizeable fish esp the ouse and ure,ive fished for 37 yrs for salmon and would say the ouse out weighs slightly the tyne for size able fish,what i mean is more fish over the magic 30lb seem to be reported from the ouse and even bigger,maybe summit to do with the strain of norway salmon used at the ure salmon trust,another interesting point is the fish now leave the humber for the open sea but instead of heading north they go south and then sop far down near cambridge area i think they head for the mainland then head north to the “faroes” NOT GREENLAND last time any fish followe dthis route was when we were joined to europe,salmon amazing fish must have some sort of natural sat nav with all the settings saved just in case,cos how the hell does a salmon have the instinct to follow that pre ice age route

  4. cocopops says:

    so the salmon are following the dogger bank route thats a shipping lane forecast place was once where we joined the mainkland part of the rhine estuary i think or maybe danube,was once a forest now under the sea through ice age some yrs ago maybe not the last one but maybe the one before that?

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